Answered By: Paul Landers
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2021     Views: 4504

IMPORTANT - An 'R' number serves a different purpose than an eRaider and they are not interchangeable.

  • An 'R' number is an 8-digit ID automatically issued by the TTU System rather than using your Social Security Number. Example: R12345678
  • An eRaider account (username + password) is automatically issued by TTUHSC Information Technology to login to most TTUHSC resources, including online library resources. Example: johndoe5
  • A library account is not automatically issued. It is self-service created on an as-needed basis.* It is used to track borrowed items such as books, and to track financial transactions. Although a library account is connected to your eRaider, it is still a separate account.

*Because a library account contains protected PII (personally identifiable information) it cannot be issued automatically. It must be voluntarily self-service created on the initiative of the patron.