Answered By: Paul Landers
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018     Views: 2731

All TTUHSC library resources are available both on and off campus, but you must take the proper steps to access them by always using the custom links on the TTUHSC library web pages:

Fail - the following will prevent off-campus access:

  • Using a search engine to locate library resources
  • Creating personal bookmarks to library resources
  • Incorrectly crafted generic links posted in Sakai, web pages or emails

Success - access to TTUHSC library resources both on and off campus:

  • Always begin at the TTUHSC library homepage
  • Always use the custom links on the TTUHSC library pages
  • Do not create personal bookmarks to library resources
  • Do not copy-paste to/from your web browser address bar
  • Contact the library for help creating custom links that will work both on and off campus

To report broken resources or links, please email:

  • Login with eRaider (not your R number)
  • eRaider passwords expire every 90 days. Reset your password at the eRaider web site or call the TTUHSC IT Solutions Center at 806.743.1234

Note - some vendors also allow the creation of personal accounts within the resource itself to customize your experience - for example, to save search results within the resource. These personal accounts are completely separate from eRaider and are managed by each individual vendor. Off campus users who also choose to use a vendor personal account must login twice - first with eRaider to gain access to the resource, and then with their personal vendor account to customize their experience.


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