Answered By: Paul Landers
Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018     Views: 163

Satellite internet access is naturally slow, so some satellite providers compensate by using a unique technology to speed up the connection. This feature is known by several names, such as:

  • TurboPage
  • Web Acceleration
  • Pre-caching

This technology is usually incompatible with library proxy servers and remote databases. The easiest solution is to access library resources from a non-satellite network. To determine if satellite access is the cause of your issue, follow these steps in this order:

  • Call your Satellite provider and ask if they use this technology. They may have a different name for it.
  • Ask them to temporarily disable it for you. Remain on the phone with them while you:
  • Test to see if you can now access EBSCO databases through TTUHSC.
  • Understand that disabling this setting will slow down your internet access.
  • Ask your satellite provider if this is a setting that you can toggle ON/OFF yourself.
  • Decide if the reduced internet speed is worth access to EBSCO databases through TTUHSC